Changing mindset of taxi operators

While I agree that action should be taken for overcharging by taxi operators, the grounds relied by SPAD under Section 22 of the Act to revoke the taxi operator’s permit does not state clearly requirement on charges and rates.

The existence of overcharging, together with a host of other related issus with conventional taxi service, has brought about the increase of mobile apps based ride-hailing services offering good alternative to meet the needs of commuters for cheaper and reliable transport service.

Never mind that they are illegal, in fact it is because their illegal status that they are able to provide cheaper and reliable service.

Revoking the permit of these taxi operators will only contribute to the increase of these alternative ride-hailing services. It does not contribute to the improvement of the taxi industry.

Rather than complaining and boycotting, what the conventional taxi industry needs is a transformation.

Regulation of both conventional and mobile-apps based ride hailing service are still possible to cater to different categories of passengers but allow more room for introducing suitable business models. For example, coming up with packages for different categories of commuters such as business packages, family packages, professional packages, student packages, golden citizen packages or point system.

The mechanics of the vehicle can be programmed to meter is used, for example, where meters will be switched on automatically once passenger enters into taxi.

But most of all, the mind set has to be changed. You cannot gain riches and yet maintain a poverty mind set.



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